Thursday, May 26, 2011

In the beginning, there was ignorance...

Yes indeed, ignorance abounds... As of this moment, I know less about fractals and Mandelbrot/bulb than does your average teenage mollusc. But, I'm keeping my intimidation in check, starting this blog, and hoping for the best!

So if the above is true, how do I even know about fractals, you ask? Well, on a day in which I was feeling particularly lost as an expression-capable being, only truly able to come up with obscure forms of redundancy the like of this sentence, I stumbled upon the work of Mandelwerk, in Deviant Art. []

His beautiful fractal masterpieces intrigued me to the point of sudden obsession. I then continued to download his entire Gallery of work, base my entire W7 theme around them, join the fractalforums community, and start this blog.

Well, truth be told, the idea for the blog only came after a lot of (futile) searching for an easy, step-by-step tutorial on fractals, particularly Mandelbulb, and how to get creating my own vision of the same sort of Mandelwerk style I'd been bowled over by. (Because in the end, this is all about art.) To me, fractals are an incredible medium of artistic expression.

So after getting nowhere quickly, and especially after downloading the latest Mandelbulb program and feeling very, very silly indeed, I thought, "Hey, if you're going to dig deeper into this, since there doesn't seem to be anything of thelike around, you should start a Fractals for Beginner's blog, for all the future aspiring Fractalists who will come behind you."

And so, I did. Welcome! ... I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

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