Hello and welcome!

As I said in my very first blogpost, I started this on a creative whim, having suddenly become entranced by fractals in all their wonderful shapes and forms, most especially the Mandelbrot set. So I decided to blog about my progress as a fractal newbie, hereby giving hope to all newbies out there who feel lost when mercilessly tossed into the chaotic fractal world by their own curiosity.

Things have progressed and now, I want to evolve this from a simple blog to a creative website complete with tutorials, downloads and galleries of my own original fractal art.

I hope you all enjoy :) ... I'm always looking to improve in everything I do so any/all suggestions/requests for content are welcome. Also, if you have found my tutorial(s) useful, or if you simply like any of my art, please consider buying a print or puzzle or even a mug from my DeviantArt page here:

... Thanks!