Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm back!

Hellooo, one and all!

Please forgive my long, long absence... It has been a hectic year for me, especially the part where my computer died back in July last year, and I had to wait almost 5 months before being able to buy a new one. But oh, what a new one it is! =) I now have an Intel i7, and from the little bit of zipping around in Mandelbulb 3D's navigator that I did today, I have a feeling I'll be rendering up beautiful fractals in a fraction of the time it used to take with my ol' Core² Duo.

But what, you may ask, have I been doing with my new uber PC if I've had it since November already? Well, I think you guys may all be interested, in fact. You see, I pride myself in being a diverse, multi-faceted human being, with many interests that absorb my attention. So besides having to work a bit more than usual, this is what I've been doing:


I confess to it completely. It's an awesome game, and I believe, still in its infancy. The potential uses of a platform like Minecraft... I get excited thinking about it. But for the present, I've just been enjoying myself playing the game. I started a YouTube channel, joined a server, got to know a few people, built an Earth (diameter of 64 blocks), and have generally had a great time. The possibility of importing fractals into Minecraft is also something I can't wait to try (with Mandelbulb 3D's new Voxelstack feature =).

Amateur Insights of a Reasoning Mammal

Next, there's my other blog about Life, the Universe and Everything. For the more pontifical of you, I address a few issues to do with the nature of reality, God (or lack of), and the human mind. I've just started it, so there are only 5 or so posts, but I've got plans to be just as active there as I am going to be here again. In fact, you have a certain view of the universe and how "it all" works, right? If you're interested in writing it all down, I'm interested in reading about it =) And then, if you like, I'll put it up on the "Your Story" page. Go check it out =)

Uhm... Well, that's about it, really... Hehe. I also have a girlfriend, please remember...! ;P

Hmm... I think I'll leave this post as is instead of including a bit about my recent experiments with the new version of Mandelbulb 3D. I'll make that a post on its own.

Anyway, thank you for all you guys who've been visiting my blog, following my tutorial, etc. I'm very close to 50 000 pageviews! That was a nice surprise to see =) ... My goal is to get that to 100 000 in a much shorter period of time.

Tchau for now!

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