Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fractal World: Mechan

The first few 3 images I've managed to capture, of dubious quality, from the Mechan Universe. I have no idea of the nature of the locations, nor have I any idea whether the colours are accurate or not. With time, I expect to gain a deeper understanding of this fascinating world... Perhaps even capture images of a few living entities.

 This is the first image I captured. I called it Antechamber on a whim but of course no one can know what this location's purpose is. Much more exploration is necessary.

Antechamber - Higher Perspective
 This second image is exactly as it's caption implies. I took my IDC (Inter-Dimensional Camera) up and further back, and took another shot. The colours changed somewhat, and oddly enough, the shape of some of the structures changed too. Peculiar...

I tried different co-ordinates here and found these 6 interesting little guys. Actually, the same sort are in the previous two images too. Not sure, but I think they are the first signs of something life-like. Perhaps they're super-intelligent machine-beings, convening on the strange feeling they're all experiencing suddenly, like they're being watched... Or  could be that they're just sentinel drones, in their Standard Watch Positions assigned by the Omnimind.

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