Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fractal Worlds

Hello! I'm back.

As you all may have noticed, I've not been posting things. Actually, probably, none of you noticed that :P ... But that's ok. It's been a combination of personal life problems and a flood of work I had neglected which I had to catch up on. I have been doing bits of Fractal Art here and there though, which you can see at my deviantArt account.

Out of everything I've done, I only REALLY love 2 or 3 of them. The last one, though, Mechaniclysm (above), gave me an idea...:

Soon, I will create a page up there, along with Home, Tutorials, etc, which will say "Fractal Worlds"

What worlds exactly? Well, here's the thing. With Mandelbulb 3D, as I'm sure you've all discovered yourselves already, the possibilities are limitless. I sometimes sit for hours, just exploring around, using different formulae, changing parameters, lalala... And up until recently, was always chasing some perfect image, some piece of art, to publish in deviantArt. Oftentimes, I would work on one thing, only to over-work it until I gave up completely. But through it all, I would always discard so many awesome looking locations, just because they weren't perfect enough for me. And also because I have always wanted to render the image at the BEST quality, and at least 6000x4000, which takes hours ...

Now, no longer! ... What I want to do from now on is, whenever I find a good set of formulae, I'll explore and save as many awesome locations as variety and parameter possibilities allow. I'll try be less meticulous when at the colour stage, just making sure I highlight the best aspects of the location while keeping it aesthetically acceptable...

And each series of these smaller resolution, quicker-rendered images will be given a name... A Fractal World, each of them :) ... In fact, with my first 35th Century Earth (again, see my deviantArt) attempts, I was already on this track... Now, I can expand on it... Create imaginative worlds of all kinds... And in my explorations, I am certain to chance upon worthy art pieces which I will render up during the night.

Also, through all of this, I am bound to learn a few extra tricks. There are as yet many aspects of Mandelbulb 3D I have to explain in my tutorial... Reflections, for example, along with the rest of the Postprocess features I haven't explored yet. The Julia tab too... And there's a new feature enabling you to render GIANT resolution images. And videos! I haven't even looked at that yet...

So yes... Much to learn and much to teach... And really looking forward to it!

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