Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fractal Art: A Start

So I've downloaded 4 different Fractal programs so far. Mandelbulb 3D and 3 different 2D applications: Fractal eXtreme, Xaos, and Ultra Fractal. Xaos I haven't really looked into much yet, played a bit with Ultra Fractal and as you all know, I've become quite familiar with Fractal eXtreme. Plus I tinkered around a little with Mandelbulb 3D :) Honestly, who could help it, after installing it?

Anyway, these are my results after trying to create something I would call "Art" ... Because really, though some extraordinarily beautiful images can be generated simply by zooming and choosing different formula sets, etc, one cannot really call that art. Art happens when you as a human being start consciously pursuing the image with a concept already in mind. (Though happy accidents sometimes happen, as is the case with one of the following pieces. I'll leave you to guess which :) ).

"Neuron of the God Emperor" ... Done in Fractal eXtreme

"Birth of a Blackhole" ... Done in Ultra Fractal

"The Crimson Army Evaded" ... Done with Mandelbulb 3D

So yes... You can't just randomly generate and zoom in to something that looks cool, save it, and call it art. This is not the Way. You might be able to fool some people, but never those of us who know, and most especially, never yourself. You'll soon lose interest, in fact, in doing empty, albethey aesthetically pleasing, pieces.

Personally, I've decided to go with conceptual themes whenever I'm looking to create something. I've come up with these three, that I'll use for now while I'm still in newbie phase:

Space (lol... couldn't have chosen an easier concept right?)

The Inner Mind

Creatures of the Dark vs. Creatures of the Light


Or something like that. Happy accidents might cause the birth and further exploration of alternate concepts. Art has no rules except the ones we create for ourselves ;)

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