Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fractal eXtreme: The Auto Quadratic Set

This set is strange and unique. Upon first loading, you get this stretchy design:

Interesting, no? A swirly, stretchy monster. And indeed, if you're looking for any kind of swirling galaxy fractal, zooming into this Auto Quadratic is ideal, as these examples can attest:

But now, what other options are there? Julias? No, unfortunately not. But if you got to Options > Plug-in Setup you will find a "randomise" button. And when have you ever encountered a randomise button and not thought, Ooooh, I wonder what this does... And indeed, upon clicking on it, I discovered a myriad of different shapes and forms. In fact, I had a hard time forcing myself to stop clicking.

Most are generated in huge messes, like these:

Zoom into those and you get what? More mess.
Then, there are some that get a more interesting:

They still really untidy but hey, what do expect from a randomise button? :P And with some creativity, you can zoom into these and create something beautiful.

But every now and then, you also find something cleaner and prettier:


As you can imagine, zooming into these doesn't really yield anything too exciting... Self-similarity all the way. But with this Fractal you can generate shapes that no person alive has ever seen before, which is quite something. So go on, randomise! But a note of caution: Be careful when click-click-clicking, trying to find something awesome, and suddenly clicking past something that really looked good. It's happened to me too many times already and there's no way to go back.

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