Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fractal Love

Just a quick post to demonstrate a small piece of creativity using fractals.

Yesterday was Dia dos Namorados (the Brazilian equivalent to Valentine's Day) and since I've become so enthralled with fractals recently, I thought why not try using them to create something special for the love of my life (Marianna)?

So using the Arbitrary Power Mandelbrot set, I found this beautiful design, and had it printed in photo quality for her. Happily, it came out so much better than I thought it would.

Then, now, I thought of something that I wish I had thought of on the actual day... Zooms of different spots in the above image, which I posted on Facebook, with the timeless words...:


All in all very happy with that :) ... Certainly more meaningful and less cheesy than a store-bought card.


  1. Hi do you know the specifications for the love fractal? The equation, divergence/convergence, initial z value or c value. I would like to attempt to visualize the heart like it's moving but first I need to know how to paint it. So it would really help me to know these information.


  2. Yes please, I would like to know it, too! I'd appreciate it very much if you gave us the information in order to be able to visualize it by ourselves.

    Kind regards.