Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fractal eXtreme: The Hidden Mandelbrot Set

Ok, so here's one you can spend hours on, despite its rough, untidy appearance upon first loading:

Firstly, it isn't called the "Hidden Mandelbrot" for nothing. If you start zooming into the more interesting (less noisy) areas, you'll find you'll discover a few familar shapes :) (And yes, some that are not so familiar)... Have a look:

Really nice, right? :) Now, while there is no Plug-in Setup option for the Hidden Mandelbrot, you can generate Julias with it. Here are some good examples, with x/y locations:

x: -1.423 | y: -0.805
x: -1.757 | y: -0.021
x: -0.312 | y: -0.276
x: -0.697 | y: 0.151

And truly, some of the most beautiful images can be found when you zoom into the Julias:

Beautiful, aren't they? And these were all saved with the default colour palette "Fast changes" ... With colour tweaking, and of course some photoshopping, these "standard" fractals can become works of art in a myriad of forms. I can't wait to sit down one day and do exactly that.

Next... My favourite: The Nova/NovaM Set ;)

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